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"to encounter with passion and risk;

song, melody, improvisation."


Jazz improv / singer songwriter

Off beat piano / jazz and classical vocal. Songs, stories, piano stool philosophy.

Originals & covers; singer songwriter, pianist, entertainer.

Author of “Life is Grand Baby" (available on Amazon).

Songs: originals and covers, stories from the road and piano stool philosophy.

“Covid regardless, after a long performance schedule 

in 2021 Paul has his act together, with a unique variety show.

An all-around troubadour, entertainer, jazzy and classical performer,

he is currently booked to perform across the US for intimate venue recitals,

private events and various assisted living groups.

He writes his own songs, and likes to do cover interpretations as well.

Paul usually gives away signed copies of his new book at the end of a show.

Come see a singer/songwriter & one of the last saloon singer/piano men.

Messers G & T assure the public their production will be second to none.

With much preparation a splendid time is guaranteed for all...” 

Alan Gestetner, Executive producer

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"I hope to offer a little entertainment as well as content."

"you are an artist in your own right,

all I hear now is Paul Toshner"

from clips video

"you are amongst those

who keep the world alive"

from clips video

“The very embodiment of the term Crooner. Knows his way round the ivories better than most, with an unbeatable repertoire of originals Classics to keep you entertained."

Alex Clare

Island Records artist

"Paul's heart is clearly after the long tradition of the Jewish singer songwriter piano players such as; Ben folds and Billy Joel, but with a more jazzy musical influence like;

Jamie Cullum and Michael Bublay"

Alan Gestetner

Executive producer and artist management

"He sports a white fedora, speaks in a distinctive Scottish accent. With a friendly, bubbly personality that lights up the room and makes everyone feel welcome."

Baltimore Jewish Times

"Thank you for coming and sharing your brand of music to our residents 😊"

Grace Mantes, CC The Havens

Hi,  The residents loved your performance.  They would love to have you back but during the day.  Please let me know your thoughts.

Nicole Klinzing CDP CMDCP

Director of Recreation

The Bristal at Wayne

Hi Paul,

Thank you so much for the wonderful entertainment yesterday, we had a blast and the residents really loved you!

I don’t think I saw an invoice from you, I just want to make sure we actually pay you!!!


Courtney David, Brightview

Vibrant Living Director

20 East Burke Avenue, Towson, MD

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Paul Toshner

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Paul Toshner


Paul Toshner

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Paul Toshner (aka Baby Tosh), singer, songwriter has released two live original albums.


iTunes, Spotify etc


"Fantastic. Such a showman but also at the same time some real depth. With a level of eccentricity which I love that other people will find a bit discomforting, or quite a lot discomforting. 

Take care sausage."

Marc Duman

To differentiate the singer songwriter / original artist,

the albums of only originals are on iTunes, Spotify etc

under Artist name “Baby Tosh”.

These original albums are really fantastic,

they shouldn't be missed

“It’s Beatles, it’s u2, its Bob Dylan, Lenny Kravitz and Billy Joel, its jazz – you write this style and that style– you have obviously been influenced by all the songs you have been playing through the years. The world would welcome something like this now with open arms, the songs are timeless,

it’s an album like Sgt Pepper”. 

-Orna Wellman

drama and English teacher, Canada

"Ready for live entertainment, but not sure how to do it with social distancing? Our friend, Paul Toshner has mastered it with wonderful all-around entertainment. 

Check out his recent show!

Contact for more information

Nechama Cox, Baltimore

​"Really good solid organic original material, 

it has to be experienced live, they’re not simple in terms of structure nor in terms of emotional content."

-Miguel Cavazos, session drummer, LA

"Paul's songs are alive, you have to live with them. Paul also sets the standard, when it comes to camaraderie, and healthy artistic sharing." 

-Mesoud Benasuly

Session Bass player New York City

​"You are an artist in your own right, I just hear Paul Toshner”

-Miss Sylvia (Brightview Wellspring Village - in *PRAISE video)

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Thank you 😎


Life Is Grand Baby (boomers)!

Paul Toshner

Singer songwriter, pianist, jazz artist / entertainer (author of “Life is Grand Baby”). 



Originals and covers, stories from the road (from his book), and piano stool philosophy.


“Paul is an all round entertainer, a jazzy arty performer and a bit of a showman. He took classical voice lessons for three years with Lidea De Rosa, and piano with Jim McDowall in Glasgow. The rest he picked up on his journey to where we are now. He has honed his "Life Is Grand Baby” show and book after building a broad repertoire in two London west end hotel residences. As well as stints in European ski resort piano bars. Paul is currently regularly booked to perform across the USA for intimate venue recitals, private events and various assisted living facility groups."

Alan Gestetner Executive producer


Jazzy / baby boomer entertainment

the show, the book (on Amazon), and various album (on iTunes)



A concert of inspirational songs and ideas.