"Paul's songs are alive, you have to live with them.

Paul also sets the standard, when it comes to camaraderie,

and healthy artistic sharing." 

-Mesoud Benasuly


Session Bass player New York City

“It’s Beatles, it’s u2, its Bob Dylan, Lenny Kravitz and Billy Joel, its jazz – you write this style and that style– you have obviously been influenced by all the songs you have been playing through the years. The world would welcome something like this now with open arms, the songs are timeless, it’s an album like Sgt Pepper”. 

-Orna Wellman

drama and English teacher, Canada


"So much chochma in this album it’s insane, even the music part of your music is very compelling."

-Yisroel Ament 


Lead guitar & producer of above track N.Y. City.