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PHOTO STORY Shots from London when me and my buddy Mesoud would go around shul halls performing a variety show.

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PHOTO STORY Shots from a professional photographer who came to the Corus one time - rosadelalosa@gmail.com 

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PHOTO STORY My first memory of the piano was at the Coylumbridge Aviemore Hotel in Scotland when I was a wee boy, the picture bottom left inset was taken there. There was a big gap of time until I was a teenager dating a girl called Helen, and I also met Paul Taylor, the son of a friend of my dad, and he showed me chords and I studied with piano teacher Jim McDowal. The other photos are at the Corus hotel Hyde Park London. 

PHOTO STORY This is the moment in Westfield shopping centre, Feb 2012 in Shepherd's bush London, just before Dr Khoo and his wife (in the photo) picked me up for what was going to be a big contract in one of his hotels in London’s West end. He owns Laura Ashley and shopping malls and many businesses. After we negotiated the deal he asked me if the price he had agreed was more than Westfield paid me – I answered that basically I have to admit yes, however I omitted to say that Westfield did not actually pay me, I was one of the many who got a slot in the luxury goods hall and constantly picked up other work from being there – so I answered truthfully, but I always remember smiling to myself as he asked. He was always very good to me and I could joke with him which I think he liked because nobody else did. 

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PHOTO STORY This is from another London residency. The Danubious Regents Park, which I got after the Assistant manager Simon McLaughlin left the Corus and went there.

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PHOTO STORY It was a great job at the Dr Khoo Corus hotel Hyde Park London, this picture has a quote from the GM Andrew Hollett who became a good friend, but we had some funny run ins along the way, the best was the chicken story with the Bel Canto singers in the Opera restaurant downstairs, ask me to tell you. For me the singing came at about 25 when a girlfriend introduced me to classical voice coach Lidea De Rosa. I learned with her, and I still perform a couple of opera pieces with my own lyric adaptations.

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PHOTO STORY This photograph is of me in the river Kelvin in Glasgow, and it’s a real piano donated by Alastair McDonald. We took out the brass frame and found a spot with a low water shelf reaching into the middle or the river, and took a picture / no photo shopping.