I’m looking for a job but I need a little help just now if I can get it. I’m getting the odd Zoom booking and in person gig for $150 at a time. It’s all a bit tough really.

The car also has some issues.

I am excited however a in my spare time vor the various musical yishtaduls going on detailed below as per your interest, and still I’m actively looking for a job

1 - in preparation for after Covid, when people are excited about live entertainment.

I am going to rehearse the two main players of a musical script

I'm just playing the piano in it and conducting the show from the piano

I can put on a small production, set design, lighting, promotion etc

– please have a look at the outline structure of the piece - just peruse the outline it’s laid out very simply. 


This is a great way to get your money back and make a profit if it goes really big, I think it could be a big broadway hit.

I am in a tight spot but still trying to be occupied with all the below. 

I hope to put a financial help team together help me through what is outlined.

Included in my efforts is an interview coming up with a company to sell insurance. But sadly I am dangerously close to having no money at all, so regardless of all the below, I really need help with the car $900 for 3 engine mounts. I can put you directly in touch with the garage; Danny Harris Automobiles (frum guy) 4437684129

+ $400 for the new starter put in last Friday. I would love at least $250 / 500 for Tamar also.

Please glean from the below what I am working on.

Since Covid I have developed my equipment and can provide two kinds of situation:

1: Live from my living room on an acoustic piano

2: On a keyboard in a green room where I can run all sorts of footage behind me.

I have a girl about to start working on commission for virtual bookings IyH' it could grow, and work world wide. It took me a year of live gigs to build up to having a year of bookings for the following year in advance, and I still watch them go by in my diary.

Regards exposure I do virtual sessions as well as various virtual paid gigs and the odd in person gig still. I hope to continue to attend to and promote my products and services, and sell my songs which means various drives to expose; publishing, album releases (as seen on web site), live sessions, and a new zoom event business (including for my Care home clients). It’s all happening right, and amidst a variety of extenuating circumstances.



I have come up with three main targets, and a plan.

Below are the main publishing TARGETS:


1: To buy lists and call and write to selected ones who accept un-solicite using this:

my song publishing

The Music Publisher Registry (including religious)  

To place your songs into films, TV, Commercials or Video Games, the Film/Television Music Guide

The Artist Managers Registry

In 20 years, and with all my material, I never sent anything to publishing companies



Paying a company called Taxi recognised as providing solicited material to publishers.

3: ZOOM events

To promote a new Zoom service for Care homes and events (as seen on this web site).

Prior I had built up, with a decent amount of schlepping and performances, a full calendar of work for Care homes and hotels. They are interested in booking my virtual show but some can not gather in a single room yet due to Covid. 

see clients on www.mrpianoman.online/homes



I have the equipment and sets running beautifully BH', and a platform where I have started marketing campaigns (I learned how to do targeted Facebook ads to people with similar tastes, one of my vides has 3,800 views by targeting a Billy Joel audience). And I have lined up 9 mini campaigns.

I am spending money on the campaigns, copyright, the lists, gig-salad (gig booking service). I do not qualify for unemployment benefit and am without medical insurance which is a bit of a worry (hopefully in Dec I can get state provided. I do however need the dentist. The car thing needs two engine mounts and a starter motor, please help. I am alsoworking for a local guy for $15ph doing odd building work jobs.

I had a first virtual gig for a holocaust survivors group on Monday 14th Sept for $150, I also have my first "Bright View" (large care home group) virtual gig coming up soon too.

The chidush is I could be doing this for care homes, and who knows who else, all over the world without needing to pack up and set up all my gear and drive etc

I’m pushing forwards on a many fronts  – please look at the below link to a catalogue of all my own work




Can I include you in a team to help for a while as I do all this, can we do a deal?

Three or four of five months, a little for living and plugging all the campaigns; my Zoom business, songs to publishers (including Jingles, TV, film, games), list buying, plugging time, internet marketing, "taxi", marketing directly from my web site.

My car is in dogey shape / on last legs regards the engine mounts. I admit it. Things are very scary. Today (17 Sept) the car actually broke down (was driving it a while with broken engine mounts).


Also Lightning hit 10 feet away from the house (and me) and fried some of my equipment which I have to re-buy (about $700).

There is a lot involved, I am also applying for local jobs - including a job selling insurance - but it's such a time killer. 


If you like my work and see value and can you consider a partner in an effort to get some of it out there, if you really feel it's worth it, then I'm open to a deal.

I'm also doing 2hr live streaming sessions, and I got a good response to an ad I ran and got a girl to help with bookings:

"Work From Home. Pre COVID busy entertainer for care homes, see paultoshnersong.com seeks booking assistant for virtual shows. Leads provided. Commission based. Please call Paul 904-860-2362"

I'm busy with all this stuff, Yomtov is coming up, and am wondering if I can have a little help.

Kind regards